I’m from Pietermaritzburg (PMB), a quaint little town in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. I did all my schooling in PMB, and finally matriculated from Maritzburg Boys College in 2008. I then began my tertiary education with a Bachelor of Arts degree at Varsity College in 2009, with a double major in Psychology and Communications, but left after my first year and continued with the degree on my own—through a long distance learning institution named UNISA (University of South Africa).

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I started working in my final year of high school at a part-time job at College Road Video store, a convenient walk down the road from the school. In February 2010 I landed a job at Hulamin Containers, where I operated heavy machinery that produced aluminium containers. I did this to fund my studying and cover the ever-increasing expenses of growing older. The pay was decent, but the hours were grueling, and the work was extremely exhausting. I would often work more than 60 hours a week, and this became incredibly taxing on my personality. I eventually resigned from Hulamin Containers in March 2011 after reaching the third and final year of my degree. I realised that the hours the job occupied didn’t really allow for the amount of effort I wanted to inject into the final stretch of my degree.

I then started working in a sales and marketing position at Marshall Music (a musical instrument retail store) in April 2011. This job allowed me to concentrate more on my degree, while also affording me the time to have a more hopeful experience of life, one that was slowly slipping away at the metal factory. Marshall Music also motivated me to dabble in the broad field of marketing (which was part of what I was studying at the time, and have now qualified for) and enabled me to gain experience in qualitative and quantitative market research, as well as marketing strategy. I graduated with both my Psychology and Communications majors in December, 2012, and enrolled for a postgraduate degree (Honours) in Organisational Communications. In May, 2013 I relocated to the Hillcrest branch of Marshall Music, and moved to Westville, Durban. Although I was happier at the new Marshall Music branch, I felt as though I should pursue something that would complement and add further value to my degree, while also enabling me to continue building a career in my learned field.

This led to me applying for and landing a job in the publications and marketing department of Weigh-Less Health and Weight Management in March 2014. The job served me well, allowing me to indulge my talents in writing, marketing, and communications, providing a good base for my chosen career path. This enabled me to garner even more experience in marketing and other communications functions on a whole new level.  Being an integral part of a national organisation gave me the experience and knowledge I required to lay a solid foundation to my career within an organisational communication scope. After being at Weigh-Less for nearly two years, I decided that the time was right to step up my career and find my place in an organisation with tremendous growth potential, and with the space I needed to have my ideas realised.

This was when I was fortunate enough to get a job in product marketing and content management at Sage IntelligenceThe ambition and willingness-to-do that the Sage Intelligence team possesses is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Every morning I walk through the front door, passed all the toothy smiles and cheerful greetings, and make my way to my desk, I feel as though I have been energised into an overdrive of both action and accountability. I feel important, worthy, and like I’ve been part of the family here for years. It doesn’t matter if you’re the type of person who at a party dances and swings from a head-bound pole, or if you’re the type of person who runs away from the HR manager while she tries to pull you onto the dancefloor, Sage Intelligence welcomes you into their family and accepts you for the person you are.

And for me, that’s the clincher for Sage Intelligence. Yes, it’s a business with goals, ambitions, objectives, and plans. Yes, it’s about growth, progress, development, and making a profit. It’s about all the things that you’ll find in most businesses, in fact. However, the most important point of all, and something that too many organisations forget in this crazy world is that it’s a business about people.

This is something that I feel incredibly proud and accomplished to be a part of, and I hope to continue developing in this amazing place I get to call work.

This is a brief admin-like summary of my life so far, without the drama and without (much) personality. To be continued (well, hopefully)…

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