In the kitchen with Sarah Graham

Renowned food blogger, television show hostess and cookbook writer, Sarah Graham talks to us about her love affair with wholesome food, an incredibly successful career as a foodie, and her adoration for her family, as we discover why South Africa has become ‘Smitten’ with this awe-inspiring woman.  Continue reading “In the kitchen with Sarah Graham”

In the gym with Roxy Louw

Professional surfer, movie star, model, and winner of FHM’s Sexiest Woman in the World, 2010, Roxy Louw is no stranger to dropping jaws, turning heads and receiving admiring stares. Elegant in her modesty despite a string of accolades and accomplishments, Roxy shares with us her take on healthy living while conquering the world, as she revels in riding the waves of life.  Continue reading “In the gym with Roxy Louw”

In the kitchen with… Hayden Quinn


Hayden Quinn captivated many South African hearts in his adored role as a contestant on season three of MasterChef Australia. His youthful flair and boyish antics had viewers’ eyes flirting with their television sets on a daily basis. Hayden has since been gracing our shores in his latest series on SABC 3, Hayden Quinn South Africa, in which he shares his unbound passion for travel, food, and adventure. We talk to Hayden about these passions, and find out what affords him a smile and personality that competes with the first sunrise of summer. By Mathew Love Continue reading “In the kitchen with… Hayden Quinn”

How to look like your favourite sportsman

Ever caught yourself secretly admiring the physique of your favourite sportsman and wondering to yourself, “How does he look like that?” followed by the self-assurance of, “I bet I could look like that!” We talk to professional football player and model, Ryan Botha, and professional rugby player, Courtnall Skosan, and find out from them what they do to maintain their perfect form. By Mathew Love Continue reading “How to look like your favourite sportsman”

Lorna Jane Clarkson

Uninspired by the regular, dull and unflattering range of active-wear available for women, Lorna Jane Clarkson set out to completely overhaul the active fashion industry, introducing stylish, exciting and fashionable activewear that would motivate women to exercise. What started out as a single retail store in the heart of Brisbane in 1990, her business has since taken the world by storm and now boasts more than 155 worldwide outlets. This is Lorna’s story about how she transformed herself from a small-town fitness instructor to an Australian and global fashion icon.  Continue reading “Lorna Jane Clarkson”

In the kitchen with…The heart of Charly’s Bakery

Charly’s Bakery is a renowned family-run business that is nestled in the beautiful mother city of Cape Town.  In this issue we converse with Jacqui, who has been the owner of Charly’s Bakery since her husband, Charly, passed away and handed her the reigns of this successful and trendy bakery. By Mathew Love Continue reading “In the kitchen with…The heart of Charly’s Bakery”