The pressure to be perfect – The skinny teen stereotype

The effect of certain media can be likened to a tight grip on the pulse of a teenager’s lifestyle, manipulating the way in which they behave, and often enforcing a buckling wrath of expectation. We explore this statement in an attempt to understand the effect and responsibility of the media towards the more impressionable generation.   Continue reading “The pressure to be perfect – The skinny teen stereotype”

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Peer support and the influence of role models in your child’s development. Continue reading “Standing on the shoulders of giants”

Prisoner of Weight

Weight has the ability to take you hostage and completely invade your life, trapping you as a prisoner in your own body. The psychological and emotional constraints of weight can take their toll, and it is important to realise the effect that weight has on your mind and feelings. Discover ways that you can break the shackles and free yourself from the torment of a weight constructed jail cell. By Mathew Love Continue reading “Prisoner of Weight”