Hipster’s Paradise

One of the most stomach-churning trends to have ever hit the tween to mid-twenty-year-old population has been dubbed the “hipster” movement. Continue reading “Hipster’s Paradise”

A revolution of intolerance

Do you often find yourself doubled over, holding your (what seems like) shredded, bloated tummy, which feels like it’s about to explode? You may be the victim of unsuspected food intolerance, and you’re not alone. We discover the cause and effect of various food intolerances, and identify what you can do to curb this painful and often embarrassing condition.  Continue reading “A revolution of intolerance”

Bedroom Blunders

Unless you’re an actor who specialises in nakedly provocative scenes that don’t generally make primetime television, you’re probably not an award-winning pornstar. Many men like to believe that they are sex gods, when the under-covered truth is that they don’t quite perform coitus as perfectly as they may brag about, and often leave their ladies unsatisfied. We’re here to tell you that it’s okay, and that many men make the same bedroom blunders. Here are the top five:  Continue reading “Bedroom Blunders”

The pressure to be perfect – The skinny teen stereotype

The effect of certain media can be likened to a tight grip on the pulse of a teenager’s lifestyle, manipulating the way in which they behave, and often enforcing a buckling wrath of expectation. We explore this statement in an attempt to understand the effect and responsibility of the media towards the more impressionable generation.   Continue reading “The pressure to be perfect – The skinny teen stereotype”

Sugar Shockers

Reaching for and devouring foods which you may have thought were low-in-sugar could be costing you dearly on your weight loss journey. The truth is that many foods have sweet secrets that are only whispered onto the fine-print of their flashy labels. We highlight a few of these sugar shockers and reveal why you should approach certain foods with caution, while ensuring that you are fully aware of their constituents. By Mathew Love Continue reading “Sugar Shockers”

In the kitchen with… Hayden Quinn


Hayden Quinn captivated many South African hearts in his adored role as a contestant on season three of MasterChef Australia. His youthful flair and boyish antics had viewers’ eyes flirting with their television sets on a daily basis. Hayden has since been gracing our shores in his latest series on SABC 3, Hayden Quinn South Africa, in which he shares his unbound passion for travel, food, and adventure. We talk to Hayden about these passions, and find out what affords him a smile and personality that competes with the first sunrise of summer. By Mathew Love Continue reading “In the kitchen with… Hayden Quinn”